International Workshop for Arctic and Antarctic Parasitology

IWAAP5, Perth, Western Australia, August, 2013.

The International Workshop on Arctic and Antarctic Parasitology (IWAAP5) is the fifth in a series of gatherings of people from a variety of disciplines who share an interest in parasites in polar ecosystems.  Previous workshops were held in the Prince Albert National Park, Canada (2000), Rovaniemi, Finland (2003), Calgary, Canada (2006), and Svalbard, Norway (2010).  These earlier workshops were focused on the Arctic, but with Australia and the southern hemisphere the hosts for 2013, this year we are embracing the Antarctic. This year IWAAP5 will be held in conjunction with the conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP) in Perth, Western Australia, from 25 to 29 August.

The aim of the workshops is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information in an informal setting.  Past workshops have attracted parasitologists, wildlife biologists, veterinarians and others from a range of northern polar countries. Following the interests of the participants, the major topic discussed has been parasites of free-ranging mammals, but we hope that those interested in other host groups will become involved.

This year the organizers of the WAAVP conference have generously allocated a half day session of their program for IWAAP5-related presentations, and are encouraging similar presentations throughout the conference. If there is sufficient interest, we may also have an IWAAP5 session separate from WAAVP. Please note that participants in IWAAP5 must register for WAAVP (, and that the deadline for abstract submission is 31 March, 2013.

For further information on IWAAP5 contact Lydden Polley (


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