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Wildlife Medicine Internship and Externships Belize

The Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic (BWRC) Wildlife Medicine Interships and Externships

The Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic (BWRC) welcomes prospective interns and externs with a strong interest in conservation and Wildlife Veterinary Medicine. Depending on educational and experience level, internships may range from introductory, to more specialized. As such, internships are available for students ranging from pre-veterinary to veterinary and graduate students.
Externships are designed for 3rd or 4th year veterinary students conducting clinical rotations in Wildlife & Zoo medicine. Please contact BWRC’s internship manager, Justin  to apply.

Please note that we also offer externships, or clinical rotations for veterinary students.

Please let me know if I can provide more information.


Justin Ford
Internship Manager
Belize Wildlife Clinic
Belize, Central America
(501) 672-3251


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