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62nd International Conference of the Wildlife Disease Association

Save the date and make plans to join us! The 62nd International Conference of the WDA, the Second International Symposium on Ranaviruses, and the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians annual meeting will be jointly organized in Knoxville, Tennessee from Saturday, July 27th through Friday, August 2nd 2013. The theme is “Utilizing Wildlife Health to Conserve Biodiversity in the Appalachians and Beyond.” In 2013, the WDA Annual Conference will for the first time include a photo contest! The contest is being run by the Student Activities Committee (SAC) in cooperation with the WDA 2013 local conference Committee. Click the “Photo Contest” button on the left menu for more information.

Second International Symposium on Ranaviruses


Ranaviruses are emerging threats to ectothermic vertebrates around the globe, causing disease in amphibians, reptiles, and fish. In an effort to discuss the threat of ranaviruses to ectotherms, the First International Symposium on Ranaviruses was held in July 2011. This meeting was a huge success and identified critical research and conservation directions, and recognized the need for greater communication and collaboration. In continuing with this effort, The Second International Symposium on Ranaviruses is scheduled for July 2013, in conjunction with the International Conference of the Wildlife Disease Association. Three days of activities (27-29 July) are planned and will include invited presentations on contemporary topics of ranaviruses that will provide important updates on fundamental and applied investigations worldwide. Sessions for oral presentations include: Ecology and Genetics, Conservation and Epidemiology, Molecular Biology and Immunology, Pathology, and Diagnostics and Therapy. Symposium attendees (including non-presenters) also will be divided into several breakout sessions to discuss current needs and future directions. A poster session with social will provide additional opportunities for interaction. We will form regional Global Ranavirus Consortium discussion groups to increase global communication on ranaviruses, facilitate sharing of new results, and foster research collaborations. Lastly, two ranavirus surveillance field trips are planned for 29 July.


American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians


The American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians is partnering with WDA during their 62nd Annual International conference this year in Knoxville, Tennessee. Among the many great WDA events and scientific sessions, AAWV members attending this conference will enjoy an AAWV co-sponsored Wildlife Health session with the WDA Wildlife Veterinary Section and we’ll sponsor the AAWV Al Franzmann Memorial Lecturer during the conference plenary session. This year’s Al Franzmann speaker is Dr. Dave Stallknecht, one of North America’s leading researchers in the epidemiology of viral and vector-borne diseases specifically bluetongue and the epizootic hemorrhagic disease viruses in white tailed deer, avian influenza viruses in free-living duck and shorebird populations; vesicular stomatitis virus vector and contact transmission; West Nile virus in peridomestic avian species; and Ehrlichia chaffeensis in white-tailed deer. AAWV also provides conference continuing education credit through ACZM and we’ll hold an annual members meeting as one of the evening meeting events. This is a great opportunity for AAWV, WDA and ARAV members to network and provides the opportunity to broaden the wildlife health professions affiliations through joint memberships and the sharing of knowledge through this important scientific venue. We look forward to seeing you soon in Knoxville!

Information on this site will be updated as the conference approaches, so please check back often.


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