Important infos for EWDA country represenatives!

Dear EWDA country representatives,

As the new EWDA Student Chapter Board we plan to make some changes in the country representatives system to get you more involved and help you spread the knowledge about wildlife disease research among students.

We recently sent out an email to all country reps to ask, if you are still interested in the position. Just in case your email address has changed and you didn’t receive the email, please let us know your decision!If you are no longer interested, it is important for us to find another enthusiastic EWDA member to fill your position. Please consider carefully if you have got the time and energy to commit to this position. Below you will find a short description of the main functions of the country reps.

To view the list of current country representatives and their tasks, see the link below:

If you are still interested in being a country representative, please think of a few ideas you would like to put into action in your country in the near future. Please let us know what you decide and send us your ideas before May 11th. If we haven’t heard back from you by then, we consider you as not interested in the position anymore.

For everyone who is interested in becoming a country representatives, but the position is already filled: We are going to post the vacant positions in May. Then you will get a chance to apply for the country rep position in your country.

Thank you for your efforts and we look forward to working with you and learn from your ideas!
Best wishes,
Michelle, Estelle, Lidewij and Catharina, your EWDA SC board 2014/15


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