Infectious Diseases of Bats Symposium in Colorado, USA

Conference about infectious diseases in bats in June 2014

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Venue: Lory Student Center, Colorado State University
Dates: 26-27 Jun 2014

Bats host hundreds of infectious agents, many of which are known to
impact human and veterinary health. Bats also are susceptible to many
infectious diseases. This symposium will focus on the relationships of
bats and the infectious agents for which they serve as hosts, the
zoonotic cycles and ecology of bat-borne infectious agents, the
molecular mechanisms of immune evasion and pathogenesis, and the
clinical manifestations of human and veterinary diseases caused by
infectious agents transmitted by bats. The symposium will immediately
follow the annual meeting of the American Society for Virology, which
also will be held at Colorado State University.

Registration and abstract submission are now open. For more
information and the preliminary program, please visit the symposium’s
web page, or email<>.


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