Introduction of country representatives

Introduction of country representatives!

Dear EWDA student chapter members;

in order to make our student country reps easier approachable, we are going to introduce them to you. It will give you an idea about their ideas and goals. Feel free to contact them, if you have got questions or you would like to assist them with EWDA related events etc.

Only six country rep positions are currently filled. Applications are still open.


Anna Haw_picEWDA student country rep in South Africa

Anna Haw

PhD candidate, Research Officer & Veterinarian

Wildlife Conservation Physiology

Brain Function Research Group

University of the Witwatersrand



I am currently working on my PhD entitled “Reduction of respiratory depression and hypoxaemia during chemical immobilization of herbivores”. However, my MSc was related to tropical diseases and disease transmission at the cattle/wildlife interface; and I am a member of the Wildlife Conservation Physiology Group, Wits University. Therefore, my interests range from specific wildlife diseases and climate change, to the welfare of captured wild animals. In South Africa, we have a large, growing wildlife industry and I am passionate about using wildlife conservation strategies as a means for protecting natural ecosystems and improving the livelihoods of those living in rural communities. I believe we need to seek novel ways of controlling wildlife-related cattle diseases and in so doing, allow local communities to access larger markets and value, rather than detest, local wildlife.

Picture above: Anna with an aardvark she darted as part of a study investigating the ability of these enigmatic animals to cope with a hotter, drier climate (Tswalu Game Reserve, South Africa)





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