Introduction of country representatives

Introduction of country representatives (3)

EWDA country representative in Spain:

Álvaro Mata


Spain’s EWDA Student Chapter Facebook Group:


Alvaro Mata_2

I archieved the Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia) in 2014. I gained research experience in two major research groups in Spain devoted to the study of diseases in wildlife: Spain’s national wildlife research facility (IREC) in Ciudad Real. I worked within the research group of health and biotechnology (SaBio) directed by Dr. Christian Gortázar and also in the service Ecopathology in Wildlife, SEFAS (Barcelona).

In October I am going to start a master’s (postgraduate) degree in wildlife research at the IREC. My main objective is to specialize in the field of epidemiology and disease control in wildlife, mainly focusing on the interaction between wild animals, livestock and public health. My aim is to contribute to the health, production and preservation of wildlife through research.

The picture was taken in Doñana during a study of health surveillance in wild boar. 


Check out the currently available country rep positions:


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