Introduction of country representatives

Introduction of country reps (4)

EWDA country representative in Sweden:

Cecilia Tegner




My name is Cecilia Tegner and I just finished my 4th year of vet school in Uppsala, Sweden.

All my life I have had a clear vision that I want to work with some sort of research in the biology or medicine field. After studying ethology and biology and then moving on to veterinary medicine, I am certain that I have found my greatest area of interest in conservation medicine. Coming up with solutions for complex matters demands transdisciplinarity and collaboration. This way of working really appeals to me since I also have a very genuine interest in social matters, politics and ethics.

Next year I will be doing an Erasmus exchange at Vienna’s University of veterinary medicine where I will study conservation medicine. In spring I will be in Sri Lanka, working on my masters project/final project in veterinary medicine.

I am very excited to make others as thrilled as I am about conservation and wildlife. During my time at the vet school in Sweden I have increased the contact between wildlife researchers and the school’s students, I have organized information evenings about the EWDA and also started a new group for students interested in wildlife and conservation medicine together with Dr. Åsa Fahlman who is a senior lecturer at our university. My plan in the near future is to spread the info about EWDA also to other universities, and not only the veterinary students.

It is a great privilege and honor to be representing Sweden in the EWDA student chapter and after attending both workshop and conferences I know that it is also a lot of fun to be a country rep. You should become one too!


Check out the currently available country rep positions:


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