Introduction of country representatives

Introduction of country reps (5)

New EWDA country representative in Portugal:

Miguel Veiga


I just started the final year of the MSc degree at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Lisbon, and since the beginning of vet school I was very interested in wildlife medicine. I owe this partly to FAUNA, a wildlife student’s association group about 4 years old that I currently manage, together with 6 other colleagues. Since december we have already organized talks on the Lisbon zoo EEP programmes and EAZA membership, the iberian wolf conservation centre in Mafra, several vet cases in Bioparc Fuengirola and a workshop on exotic animals in cooperation with Exoclinic.

Miguel Veiga_pic

My experience includes a 6-month volunteering project in Lx-CRAS, a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Lisbon, and a two-week programme in Amakhala Game Reserve, South Africa. Next year I intend to start my final thesis project on genetic and demographic studies on captive gazelles in the south of Spain, which I hope will contribute to some reintroduction projects in Arabia and Africa.

Miguel Veiga_pic 2
My first direct contact with EDWA was on the 11th Conference, which turned out very rewarding as I got the big picture of some research projects I was quite unfamiliar with, as well as got to meet interesting people way more experienced than me. I feel very lucky to be part of FAUNA and more recently EWDA, and my goal from now is of course to link these two associations as best as possible, in terms of bringing closer to the students those who know the most on these topics that motivate us so much.
I will do my best to keep you updated of all our events ☺


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