Introduction of country representatives

Introduction of country reps (6)

New EWDA country representative in Germany:

Julia Schulz:


Undergraduate student of Justus Liebig University of Gießen in her last year


Julia Schulz 2_pic

Hi, I my name is Julia and I am a student of veterinary medicine at the Justus Liebig University of Gießen in Germany. This October my last year of study will start. During this year we have to absolve several internships at the different clinics on the campus. Four month of this year we can design by our own. My plan is to use this time to improve my knowledge in wildlife and conservation medicine. I will be at the Zoo of Kolmården in Sweden, at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin and in other conservation medicine institutions for internships.
Unfortunately in Gießen vet school gives us very rare opportunities to improve knowledge in conservation medicine. Therefore I think it is very important to improve the networking between research and students. The work of the EWDA and the “Country Reps” could be a very good start.

In the past I could gain some first experiences regarding wildlife medicine during an internship at a wildlife and conservation institution in Sachsenhagen in Germany. I assisted the vet during treating injured animals until they were reintroduced into nature.

Moreover I am a member of the EAZWV and the DVG (ZWE) to integrate myself in the field of wildlife and conservation medicine. I am very interested in the field of conservation medicine, because it is one of the few medical directions which focusses the overall picture concerning the relationship between human beings, animals, nature and how they influence each other.  In 2009 I took part in a simulation of the United Nations (Model United Nations) in New York. My group has represented Zambia in the FAO. My experiences there showed me one more time how important it is to be aware that individual decisions affect entire existences. If we think of endangered wildlife species, we realize how much this fits also in this context.

Before I began my studies in veterinary medicine I finished my studies in journalism. I try to look at conservation from both sides – from the journalistic and the medical one and want to link both disciplines.
As a “Country Rep” I will try to invite researchers in the field of wildlife diseases to the vet-department, so they can report on their work. Maybe they can tell interested students how they got in touch with their area of interest and how students could find a way into conservation medicine or related disciplines. This could be people from the primate center in Göttingen, from the IZW in Berlin or maybe a zoo vet from a German zoo. I am looking very forward to it!


–> Julia is very keen to get started in her new position as Germany’s country rep. Nevertheless, as Germany has five vet schools, Julia would be happy about people from other German vet schools to support her efforts to spread the word about the EWDA! Get in touch with her or the students board (, if you are interested to get involved!


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