Introduction of board members

Introduction of new student board member

The EWDA student board has a new member: Jenny Lithner, vet student in Sweden, jenny.lithner<at>

In order to organize the 6th EWDA Student Workshop in March 2015 the student board needed some further support. Welcome on board, Jenny! Jenny will help out with all different kinds of tasks that will come up in order to get the work done. See a short introduction of her below!


Growing up in Sweden, nature and its wildlife have always been an important part of my life. Although it wasn’t until after secondary school – when I went to work in a wildlife rescue centre in Belgium – that I got inspired to pursue a career within the field. I really enjoyed working with rehabilitation so I decided to get into veterinary medicine. I am now enrolled in my 4th year of veterinary studies in Sweden. How to rehabilitate wildlife with the aim of reintroducing them in their natural environment will always be a key interest of mine and has now expanded further into the area of conservation medicine. Since I’m still at the beginning of my carrier my mind hasn’t settled on any one thing yet, other interests of mine include pathology and also the concept of One Health is really appealing to me since a problem rarely is one-sided.

My first contact with EWDA was when I attended the Joint WDA/EWDA conference in Lyon 2012. Since then I’ve participated in EAZWVs conference and student workshop in 2013. Recently I also took part in a course of immobilisation organised at Kolmården, Sweden since I hope to do field work in the future. At my school I’m involved in a special interest group of wildlife medicine for students, a group started by the EWDA country representative. The group aims to exchange and gain knowledge within wildlife medicine since this is a subject not being taught enough in our school. Through the group I hope to promote wildlife medicine and research as well as the EWDA/WDA to other student by organising events such as open lectures etc.

As recently selected student board member, I plan to assist the already established student board in organizing the student workshop for 2015 and I will work on promoting the EWDA for students internationally. The EWDA student workshop is an extraordinary opportunity to meet others likeminded, both students and speakers. Furthermore it is an important platform where inspiration and knowledge is gained and ideas are exchanged. I’m honoured to be part of organising it.


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