Introduction of country representatives

Introduction of new country representative (7): Austria

Announcement of new country rep in Austria!

Friederike Pohlin


Hi, I am Fidu and I graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna in May 2013. I have always had a passion for equids and other hindgut fermenters (rhinos, elephants), as well as marine mammals. In my final year of vet school I conducted several aquatic medical internships including at Ushaka Seaworld in South Africa and at the „Instituto Mammiferos Aquaticos“ in Brazil, while gaining practical skills in equine veterinary medicine at my University. I also had the great opportunity to be part of the biennial SYMCO 2013, dealing with veterinary involvement in wildlife management in South Africa. After graduating I completed a 6 month Professional Veterinary Internship at the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic providing care for injured, neglected, and orphaned wildlife. I especially enjoyed performing exotic anesthesia and being part of translocations as a method of wildlife management. Besides visiting great facilities like Belize Bird Rescue and The Belize Zoo, I also got to spend some additional time at „Wildtracks“ to learn more about Primate and Manatee rehabilitation.

Friederike Pohlin_pic_Austria

Now I am back in Vienna, where I joined the Master Program „Wildlife Ecology and Game Management“ and work as a veterinarian in a clinic. This reflects my aim for the future to contribute to the health and preservation of wildlife through research, while practicing veterinary medicine. Climate change and habitat loss- and degradation for anthropogenic reasons present a major threat to many wildlife species increasing the susceptibility for disease and the mortality.

During vet school I already became a member oft the EAZWV. I signed up for the EAZWV student workshop and the EWDA Student Chapter to gain more insights into the field of wildlife and conservation medicine and disease. I was overwhelmed by the team spirit between the students, and by all the interesting talks and educational opportunities offered. I wish I would have known about the student chapter earlier before graduating! Now, as a Country Representative I can get other interested students involved, and spread the word. My goal is to improve interdisciplinary networking among students, and to connect wildlife biology- and veterinary medicine students with the same interests by discussing actual topics related to wildlife diseases.



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