Introduction of country representatives

Introduction of new country representative (9): Indonesia

Indonesia’s new country representative:

Natalia Rozniewska, natalia.rozniewska<at>


Hi! I’m Natalia Rożniewska and although I am from Poland, I will represent Student EWDA Chapter in Indonesia, which is where I live now. I graduated in veterinary medicine at Warsaw University of Life Sciences this year. I was always interested in wildlife and thus I spent all my free time during studying to work as a volunteer in African, Asian and South-American countries. As a part of clinical rotations on my final year I did an internship in Kruger National Park where I participated in TB Working Group yearly meeting, white rhino relocations and spotted hyena TB testing. All these experiences helped me to realize how complex conservation medicine is and how much I would like to be a part of it.

After graduation I completed a small animal internship in Warsaw and soon after that I moved to Indonesia to work in a zoo, where I hope to start a research project soon. The institution partially belongs to the government, so they keep various animals taken from illegal markets. I am now getting a lot of clinical experience, but I would really like to do more for all captive and free-living wildlife. I believe every effort counts and so I will start by organizing a meeting with veterinary students at University in Surabaya, to find people interested in that field and start networking. In order to increase local awareness concerning wildlife and habitat protection I will do an interactive sessions in the zoo with school kids from our community.

Indonesia is a beautiful country which is native to many endangered species but it requires a lot of changes to ensure safety of the last remaining wildlife populations. I am very happy to be here and I would be even more to represent our organization and spread the word.


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