Country representative issue

Country Representative Award

Announcement of the winner of the Country Representative Award!

The EWDA Student Chapter Board is happy to announce the winner of FREE admittance to the upcoming 6th EWDA Student Workshop!

It’s Portugal’s country rep, Miguel Mendes Veiga! Congratulations, Miguel!

Teaser final

He applied for the award competition by organizing two events at his vet school in Lisbon in order to promote the EWDA, its student chapter and its aims:

– 3rd international FAUNA Conference_report: Nov. 14-16, 2015
(FAUNA conference_schedule)

EWDA Introductive seminar_report: Sept. 23, 2015

Introduction EWDA event

Many thanks to Miguel for his dedication and incredible efforts for the EWDA Student Chapter and wildlife health!

We also thank the other applicants of the award: Fidu Pohlin (Austria) and Cecilia Tegner (Sweden) also did a great job organizing EWDA lecture events at their vet schools!

You would like to participate in the 6th EWDA Student Workshop, too? Apply now!


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