Country representative news

Activity report: Belgium

Activity report of our Belgian country reps

Amaury and Samuel have been quite busy lately spreading the word about the EWDA and wildlife disease medicine and research at their vet school in Liège, Belgium.

Check our their new Facebook page!

Read more about EWDA related their activities:

Here is our report activity since we have been elected as country representatives :

  • We are establishing contacts with professors at our faculty, who gave us a number of national and international lecturers regarding future meetings.


  • We are currently discussing the possibilities to organise conferences with other students organisations within our university. Together, we made a list of ideas : canine Distemper, rabies, Leptospirosis in cattle causing icteric abortion, diseases transmitted by bats, translocations, zoonotic diseases tranmitted by exotic pets, tuberculosis and many more…


  • We created a facebook public page by wich we introduce the EWDA, inform students of our activities, show various current subjects about public health issues/conservation medecine/job and externship opportunities. EWDA Belgium currently counts 79 members


  • The EWDA presentation has been made at several meetings of other students organisations (notably at a congress about exotic pets and wildlife medecine).


  • A future course on livestock management in developping countries is about to start in september in collaboration with the tropical veterinary institute at Liège university and vetosud (the student section of VSF, vétérinaire sans frontière). A series of open lectures will be organised and we managed to get an approach on the wildlife-lifestock-human interface in partnership with the EWDA.



  • We also started the recruitment of people interested to implicate themselves in the association.


Kind regards,

Amaury Van Goethem and Samuel Kalpers


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