Introduction of country representatives

Introduction of new country representatives (13): Norway

The EWDA Student Board welcomes our new country representative in Norway:

Javier Sanchez Romano



Hello to everybody!

My name is Javier and I studied Veterinary Medicine at the University of Extremadura (Spain). Due to my interest in wildlife, infectious diseases and epidemiology, I collaborated as intern student with the department of infectious diseases and epidemiology and the department of histology and anatomical pathology in my university during 4 years. I also did a short internship in Santillana Zoo Foundation (Spain).

An important part of my interest in wildlife comes from AVAFES, the students association for wildlife and exotic animals, which exists in every veterinary faculty in Spain. I was member and part of the board of this association in Cáceres. I am also member of the EAZWV. Microbiology, infectious diseases, parasitology and pathology are the most interesting topics for me.

Once my studies were finished in 2012, I travelled to Tromsø to join the section of Arctic Veterinary Medicine at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science for a 10 months internship, where I have been working with different species such as different seal species, arctic and red foxes or reindeer and their diseases. In autumn 2013 I started a Master’s Programme in “Northern Populations and Ecosystems” at the Arctic University of Norway (UiT) and I will present my Master’s thesis during the next semester.

Besides that, I started some months ago a four years PhD in Arctic Infection Biology in the same university. Reindeer, the infectious keratoconjunctivitis and the role of the Cervid Herpesvirus 2 in its development will be the main topics of my project.

I got in contact with the EWDA during the last conference in Edinburgh, where I presented some preliminary results of my master. I have been thinking of becoming the country representative of Norway since then and finally, I decided to take the plunge. Since I am placed in the north of the country and the veterinary school is located 1800 km away, I will try to make students from other disciplines, such as biology or human medicine, involved in the world of wildlife diseases. Disease ecology or the One Health concept are interesting interdisciplinary approaches to the wildlife diseases and we will need other professionals, besides veterinarians, to have a better and broad understanding of them.

It would be also interesting to create a network between students interested in wildlife diseases all over the country. To be able to accomplish that, it would be really good to have someone else from the veterinary school in Oslo and work together as country representatives in the EWDA student chapter! If you are reading this and you are interested, don’t wait and send an email!


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