Introduction of board members

Elections of new EWDA Student Board 2015/16

Dear EWDA Student Chapter Members,

We need you, our Student Chapter Members*, to elect the new EWDA Student Board!

We are pleased to announce our three candidates for the three vacant board positions. Please see below a short introduction of the candidates and a link to their application letter. Please send an email to with YES (to vote for the new EWDA Student Board) or NO (to vote against the new EWDA Student Board)! Voting deadline is Friday, July 24th!

We are looking forward to receiving your vote!

Your EWDA Student Board 2014/2015


* You don’t have to be a paying EWDA members. In order to be allowed to vote, it is sufficient to be a registered student chapter member.


1. Candidate: Chair

Name: Anne-Fleur Brand

Foto Orca

Country: The Netherlands

Degree: Currently enrolled in 5th year of veterinary medicine (MSc in Large Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health)

University: Utrecht University

EWDA board application letter_Anne-Fleur Brand


2. Candidate: Workshop Coordinator

Name: Sofia Mlala

08-12 (63)Country: France

Degree: Currently enrolled in 4th year of veterinary medicine

University: École Nationale Vétérinaire Nantes

EWDA board application letter_Sofia Mlala


3. Candidate: Communication Officer

Name: Andreia F. Correia da Costa

Andreia Costa_picCountry: UK


  • BSc in Biology from the University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • MSc in Wild Animal Biology, Royal Veterinary College, University of London

EWDA board application letter_Andreia Costa


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