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Introduction of new country rep: France

Please welcome our new French EWDA student country rep:

Cindy Braud: c.braud_11<at>

Cindy Braud France EWDA application

Hi, I am Cindy and I am a final year veterinary student from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse (ENVT) in France. I have always had a passion for wildlife and especially for wildlife conservation. During the previous years, I conducted several externships ; firstly in Johannesburg Zoo where I had the opportunity to be involved in all clinical diagnostics and treatments. Then, I realised another one in the Avian and Exotic Animal Center in Miami, Florida where I improved my knowledges on exotic animals and especially on birds. After a 4-months clinical rotation in a large animal hospital in Brazil, I had the chance to gain some knowledges about jaguar conservation by following on the field, veterinarians and biologists from ICMBio. Now, while continuing my research thesis about Schmallenberg virus in zoo ruminants, I am a also taking part in a research on the transmission of a Borrelia-like virus from wildlife to humans and domestic animals in Brazil.

For 2 years, I have been the president of the student wildlife assocation, Yaboumba Junior Toulouse where I tried with my partners to share information with other students about exotic and wildlife medicine and conservation management. Exchanging knowledges and raising counciousness of students and large public has always been my major concern and I hope to be able to carry on as a larger scale now.

Since 2015, I am also a member of EAZWV and I took part to the last EAZWV student workshop where I had the pleasure to attend fantastic conferences, gain more knowledges, and share skills and advices with fantastic people. I was introduced to EWDA during this workshop and to the possibility to be a country student representative. With this position, I would like to develop an interdisciplinary network between professionals from different fields in France but also in all over Europe. The first event will take place in January 2016 where an interdisciplinary student symposium will be held in Toulouse about biodiversity. Based on the « One Health » concept, this project reflects my will to show to students and people the importance of wildlife conservation and environmental protection for wild animals but also for humans and domestic animals health.

Kind regards,

Cindy Braud


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