Introducing Poland’s new country rep!

IMG-20150715-WA0001-001 (1)

Hello everyone! My name’s Adrianna and I’m nearly a graduated vet student from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science in Poland. During my studies I received an ERASMUS Programme scholarship and for one year I had a possibility to study at the University of Córdoba in Andalusia in Spain. It was a wonderful experience. I was a member of the board of AVAFES Córdoba, the student association devoted to wild and exotic animals, that later inspired me to create similar organization at my own Faculty. After I came back to Poland, me and some friends set up the first student association for exotic animal medicine – SKN “Mephitis”. Through this organization we try to improve the knowledge about exotic animal medicine among Polish vet students and raise their awareness about wildlife conservation.


Since an early age I was interested in nature and wild animals. I’ve always known I wanted to become a veterinarian and have my part in wildlife conservation. Once I was admitted to the University I could put my passion into effect and thus I try to become better and better in the field of exotic animal medicine. While training myself in small animal veterinary medicine, simultaneously I’ve been an intern at the Clinic of Bird and Exotic Animals at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences. I was a successful applicant for EMS Placement at Veterinary Department of ZSL London Zoo where I could improve my knowledge precisely about zoo animals. Apart from many clinical work I intend to do, I had an opportunity to make one of my dreams come true. I did an externship at Borneo Island where between professional duties I could experience the real beauty of nature. Recently, I’ve been interested in hematology and cytology of the small animals, but my intention is to investigate this issue in exotic animals, especially in birds. I hope one day Polish people will become more conscious about the wildlife and environment. I’m very happy to become the country representative, because maybe thanks to my friend’s and my own doings we might accelerate this process a little bit.


Regards from Poland to everyone!



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