Change in EWDA student chapter membership

Dear EWDA Student Chapter members,


The WDA and the European section, the EWDA, have been supporting our Student Chapter for years, both by making students feel a part of the organisation and by developing their careers in the field of wildlife disease. It was recently announced that a formal and clear relationship between each WDA section, and the Student Chapter in that Section has to be established.

Therefore, in order for a Student Chapter to say that it is a member of a Section of the WDA, all the student members must be paying members of the WDA. This will be the case for the EWDA Student Chapter as much as for all the other Student Chapters.

As a student member of the WDA, you will automatically be a member of the EWDA Student Chapter if your current address is in Europe. You can register at the WDA website.

Student Chapter members have exclusive access to:

  • Online content via the WDA website, including live scientific presentations, instructional webinars (e.g. publishing science, media training, grant-writing)
  • Conference sessions at the biennial international conference
  • Active in-person and online networking events
  • Discounted conference registration
  • Membership for your student chapter
  • Application for small grants for the organisation of local events
  • Student awards
  • Journal of Wildlife Diseases subscription, digital and print
  • Career mentorship from members
  • Exclusive emails with job board, including scholarships, internships & PhD positions


These changes will gradually become effective within the next month (although this might be subject to delays) starting with making our webpage exclusive for members only.

We will keep you updated with any relevant developments.

Please email us ( if you have any questions about this and we will try our best to answer your query. Also, please note that the EWDA student chapter is run by volunteers who carry out this role in their own free time so bear in mind we might sometimes not reply as promptly as we wish.

Kind regards,

Andreia Correia da Costa

On behalf of EWDA student chapter board


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