Introduction of new French Country Representative: Manon Moullec

We are delighted to introduce our new Country Representative from France: Manon Moullec! We met Manon in Berlin, during the 2016 EWDA Conference, where she expressed her keen interest to become involved in the EWDA Student Chapter.

Take a look at Manon’s brief presentation to get to know a bit more about her:


“Hello everybody!

My name is Manon and I am a second-year veterinary student in Vetagro Sup Lyon, one of the four French National Veterinary Schools.

Since I was able to talk, I have always wanted to be a veterinarian and especially a wildlife vet. Whether it is wildlife research, medicine, conservation or management, I am really concerned about this field.

Without any clinical experience yet, apart from a few internships, I have started to get involved in wildlife throughout conferences and international meetings where I met many interesting and passionate people. From a small scale congress, last spring, in the National Veterinary School of Nantes (France) to the 12th EWDA congress last summer in Berlin, I’ve discovered a world full of great clinicians and researchers. More recently, in September 2016, I went to the GEEFSM congress in the Pyrenees (France) dealing with mountain wildlife. Again, it was full of new encounters and updates about wildlife.

Recently, I went a few days in the Aoste Valley, in Italy, to work on the wildlife health management of local cervid populations. With veterinary researchers working in collaboration with hunters and rangers, we got and analysed some samples in order to detect Brucellosis, Tuberculosis and other important diseases in those populations. This research work realized every year during the hunting season reveals the region’s wildlife health status.

Also, in Vetagro Sup, I am the communication officer of an optional course entitled “Biology of wildlife population”. Managed by a French wildlife researcher and epidemiologist teacher of our school, it allows us to get many conferences about the topic. In this position, I can and I am willing to promote and broaden the EWDA Student Chapter network in my school towards a target public made of interested and motivated students. I would also like to collaborate with other wildlife groups in the different French veterinarian universities and perhaps try to organise wildlife meetings at a national scale.

Best wishes to all the wildlife fans,

Manon Moullec”


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