Application EWDA Student Chapter Board – Chairperson

Jessica Magenwirth, Veterinarian MPH


Since graduating from veterinary school in Berlin in 2014 I have been living and working in North America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia, on topics ranging from Arctic bird health to great ape conservation, following my passion for a holistic approach to wildlife health and the health of our planet.

My first close interaction with the EWDA was in 2013, when I was fortunate to participate in the 5th EWDA Student Workshop in France – a fantastic experience and a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from both established wildlife professionals of various backgrounds and my fellow participants.

I recently received a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, USA, focusing on epidemiology, global environmental sustainability, and infectious diseases. With the help of this program I am hoping to be better positioned to understand the human drivers of global change, which I believe will benefit my impact on conservation and wildlife health programs and research in the future.

Following project work in Zambia and the DRC over the course of this year, focusing mostly on African wildlife and primates, I will return to Berlin to start my PhD at the Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in the Department for Wildlife Diseases.

I would be excited to support the work of the EWDA Student Chapter for the next 2 years and to advocate for wildlife health within and beyond our community of (aspiring) wildlife health professionals. Having been part of the EWDA Student workshop a few years ago, contributing to an equally inspiring experience for next year’s participants is something I would greatly enjoy. I am also keen on increasing the EWDA’s engagement in international “call-for-action” days to increase the awareness of how wildlife health plays a role in numerous challenges.


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