Introduction of new Italian Country Representative: Francesca Vitali

Vitali F.jpg


My name is Francesca Vitali. I am an Italian veterinarian and I am currently doing a PhD in wildlife physiology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Milan.

My research interests focus on the study of physio-pathological consequences of capture in African wildlife and zoo species and on the research for safer protocols and techniques.

I have a deep interest for all branches of zoological medicine but I am particularly keen on anaesthesia, thus my wish is to do research and apply the most advanced practice and newest studies reported in domestic animals also to wildlife species!

I was raised in the metropolitan city of Milan but I have always been enthusiastic about traveling in the most remote places on the Earth. In particular, my greatest passion was spotting and observing wildlife, ever since I was a student I wished to combine my veterinary studies with the issue of conservation.

In 2013 I did my first wildlife medicine externship in Kenya and since then a wonderful adventure began! In the following years I started a collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Service Veterinary Department, which brought me to my first research projects regarding a new immobilisation protocol in lions and physiological studies in other species. Another experience that was really significant to me was a period that I spent at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido (CA) where inspired by the excellence of zoological medicine, I started considering practicing this field as a career opportunity.

Thanks to these experiences that really motivated me, in October 2017 I won a scholarship for carrying on a doctoral research and currently I am trying to build a network between different Institutions and wildlife researchers/veterinarians in order to collaborate and maximise the research results and thus the contribution to the effort of conservation.

Simultaneously, since I feel very lucky for having discovered the world of wildlife medicine and conservation soon, my wish is to spread this passion and interest to many other students!

I really appreciate the action of EWDA in helping people with a common interest in wildlife medicine to find each other and I would be honoured to give my contribution building up an Italian team of motivated student to share ideas and opportunities. My hope is to help who wants to take this career or simply learn more about wildlife, by organising events and seminars, advising on wildlife experiences and research opportunities and helping to learn about the options for taking a career in this amazing field!

Looking forward to creating a tight team together!




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