The EWDA Student Chapter represents student members of the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA) who reside in Europe. The objective of the EWDA Student Chapter is to promote shared knowledge between established researchers and wildlife disease students, within the scope of goals defined by the WDA:

  1. Educate wildlife disease students about the profession and career opportunities, job qualifications and education, externships, volunteer, and research opportunities.
  2. Enhance the skills of wildlife disease students through workshops, conferences, field trips.
  3. Connect wildlife disease students to mentors in WDA through the faculty advisor and guest lecturers.
  4. Develop international relationships between wildlife disease students across Europe and beyond.

We aim to realise these goals by

  1. The organisation of a Student Workshop every two years;
  2. The coordination and creation of an international platform of Country Representatives (whom we encourage to organise activities in their own country);
  3. The organisation of Student Mixers during EWDA Conferences;
  4. The coordination of a Mentoring Programme in collaboration with the WDA/AAZV/EAZWV.

The Student Chapter is coordinated by a Board that consists of four students.

Since the Student Chapter is organised by and for students, we rely primarily on external funding in order to achieve the goals mentioned above.



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