Past Boards

Board 2015-2017

Chair: Anne-Fleur Brand, The Netherlands

Student Workshop Coordinator: Sofia Mlala, France

Communication Officer: Andreia Costa & Miguel Mendes Veiga, Portugal

Past-Chair: Catharina Vendl, Germany

Board 2014-2015

Chair: Estelle Rousselet, France

Student Workshop Coordinator and Communication Officer:

Catharina Vendl, Germany

Jenny Lithner, Sweden

Past-Chair: Lidewij  Wiersma, The Netherlands


Board 2012-2013

Chair: Lidewij  Wiersma (left), The Netherlands

Student Workshop Coordinator: Mariella Aalto-Araneda (middle), Finland

Communication Officer: Janneke Schreuder (right), The Netherlands

Past-Chair: Adam Michel, Switzerland


Board 2010 – 2012

Chair: Adam Michel (left), Switzerland

Co-Chair: Mariana Boadella (middle), Spain

Student Workshop Coordinator: Steven van Beurden (right), The Netherlands

Past-Chair: Josanne Verhagen (not in picture), The Netherlands

Board 2008 – 2010

Chair: Josanne Verhagen (middle), The Netherlands

Co-Chair: Miklós Gyuranecz (left), Hungary

Student Workshop Coordinator: Leslie Reperant (right), USA

Board 2006 – 2008

Chair: Miriam Maas (second left), The Netherlands

Co-Chair: Annika Krengel (rigth), Germany

Treasurer: Lineke Begeman (left), The Netherlands

Secretary: Leslie Reperant (second right), USA

Board 2005 – 2006

Chair and Initiator: Leslie Reperant (left), USA

Co-Chair: Amadine Bouillot (right), France


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