Country Representatives

Keen to get more involved with the EWDA Student Chapter? Become a EWDA Country Representative for your country and spread the word about wildlife diseases research and the EWDA!


To be eligible for applying, you have to be:

Applications are open year-round and terms are limited to a period of two years, renewable if desired after submission of new application. Check if the position in your country is still available!

Getting started:

  • Student Activities:
    • Organize wildlife disease related symposia/lecture events at your faculty, invite national/international lecturers to talk about their work in wildlife disease research, give a presentation about the EWDA to make it better known among your fellow students (EWDA-SCpresentation-This presentation can be used or just get inspired by it and create your own.)
  • Award for the best lecture event:
    • After you organised a EWDA Student Activity you can apply for the award! To participate, send in ( a report and pictures of the event. The prize will be FREE attendance to the upcoming EWDA Student Workshop.
  • Find out about already existing wildlife groups at your university/faculty! Start networking!

    • This way it will be an easier to get started. Present the ideas of the EWDA to the already existing groups and set up a collaboration with them sharing similar interests and aims. Also, if there is a country rep in your country already, but you belong to a different university/institute, feel free to contact him/her in an attempt to establish a cooperation between distinct locations.

What you have to do to apply:

  • Contact us (! Send us a short description of yourself including information about the university/institution you are affiliated to, your position, experience with the EWDA/wildlife disease research, your career goals and concrete ideas what you would like to do as a country representative. Please attach a picture to your application as well, which we will use to introduce you as new country representative to the other student members on our website, if your application is successful. We will contact you, once a decision has been made.

After you have been chosen as Country Representative:

  • You will be officially introduced with a short profile of yours on our website.
  • Go ahead and start your activities as new representative for your country!

Don’t panic, when reading all this stuff! We really appreciate your commitment to the EWDA. Just start small and keep it going. If you need advice or if there is anything else we can do to help you (apart from money, that is always the most difficult issue;)), please let us know!

Best wishes and we are looking forward to work with you,

Your EWDA Student Board


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