Country representative tools

On the ‘events’ page you can find an overview of activities by our country/faculty representatives. All country representatives should have access to this calendar. Please don’t forget to upload your scheduled events in Google Calendar. If you don’t have access yet, let us know:

  • Small grants

Objective: To support and promote activities on a local scale that are in line with the WDA’s objectives:

(i) educating students interested in wildlife health and disease about the profession and career opportunities, job qualifications and education, externship, volunteer, and research opportunities,

(ii) enhancing the skills of students interested in wildlife health and disease through lectures, workshops, conferences, and field trips, and

(iii) connecting students interested in wildlife health and disease to mentors in WDA
through the faculty advisor and guest lecturers.

Support: We strongly encourage our members to gain experience in raising funds for student activities. This skill may be very useful in the future, when applying for your own research funds.

Country Representatives of the EWDA Student Chapter can apply for small grants once a year to help them organise wildlife health events on a national level. A maximum amount of €100,- can be awarded.



  1. The applicant needs to hold a Country Representative position within the EWDA Student Chapter (and thus be a paying member of the WDA).
  2. The event must benefit the students involved and support the mission and objectives of the WDA.
  3. Allowable expenses include but are not limited to travel costs for a speaker, light food and beverages, copying and printing of promotional information, one-day field trips that includes fuel, and wet labs/workshops. Non-allowable expenses are speaker honoraria, awards, prizes, registration for conferences, individual travel to meetings and hotel accommodations.
  4. The event organisers will write a report (incl. photos) to be published on the EWDA Student Chapter website/Facebook page. This must be sent to ewdastudent<at> within one month after the event.
  5. The event organisers must provide the EWDA Student Chapter Board with a detailed account of all items (itemized receipts are required!) supported by the grant. This must be sent to ewdastudent<at> within one month after the event.
  6. Unexpended funds must be returned to the EWDA Student Chapter within 3 months.

Application: Complete the ‘EWDA Student Chapter Small Grant Application Form‘ and submit to the EWDA Student Chapter Board ( All parts of the application must be completed or the application will not be considered. Decisions on funding will be provided to you within one month.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information: