EWDA lecture event in Austria, December 2017

On December 8th, another Wildlife Disease Lecture Event was organized in Vienna by:

  • Sinan Julian Keleş, EWDA Student Chapter Country Representative Austria
  • AVE, Akademikergruppe Veterinärmedizin


  • Sinan Julian Keleş, Veterinary Student
    EWDA Student Chapter Country Representative Austria
  • Johanna Painer, PhD, DVM, Wildlife Veterinarian
    Department of Integrative Biology and Evolution, Vetmeduni Vienna
  • Janosch Hagen, BSC, Adventurer

Please find the report by Julian Keleş below:

As a country representative I am aiming on getting students interested and involved in our student chapters’ activities and spreading the word about the EWDA.
This time we organized a very succesfull lecture event with a focus on „Nordic Fauna“.
The lecture hall was filled with around 90 people, consisting of vet and wildlife ecology students, members of the faculty as well as external people.
Interdisciplinary networking between the presentations was encouraged through free softdrinks, cookies and hot Punsch and Glühwein.

We began with a short presentation about the WDA, EWDA and of course the student chapters.

I started the program with sharing my experiences of the „Rocky Mountain Wildlife Veterinary Externship 2017“ that I attended. Talking about the application process, different agencies such as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, National Park Service and Colorado Parks and Wildlife as well as projects and animals I got exposed to during my externship. We touched topics from Chronic Wasting Disease in elk, Tularemia in prairie dogs, Brucellosis in elk and bison and Mycoplasma infections in big horn sheep to the reintroduction of the black footed ferret, management of captive wildlife and greater social and political topics when dealing with wildlife. I gave an outline about a student project I completed during my externship, investigating the use of drones as a tool in captive wildlife management. A live demonstration of the drone was performed (the video can be found on our Facebook page).

The second lecture „Reproduction Biology and Reproduction Management in large European Carnivores“ was held by Dr. Johanna Painer, who works as a wildlife vet and researcher at our university.
She explained in depth the oestrus cycle of the Eurasian Lynx, which is very unique with high progesterone levels throughout the year due to physiologically persistent corpora lutea on the ovaries of these wild cats, which was part of her PhD thesis. She explains how this helped to understand the mechanisms in wild lynx in order to gain valuable knowledge for the reproduction management in the endangered Iberian Lynx. Furthermore, she talked about the physiology of hibernating brown bears and their reproduction cycle and possibilities of contraception in bears. Dr.Painer shared great pictures of her fieldwork in the snowy backcountry and explained difficulties that she encountered out there.

Janosch Hagen performed his 1,5h multivision show „Conquest of the North“, which is his life-changing story about a 6 months journey, traveling 4500km through the backcountry of Canada and Alaska on a kayak and by foot with his schoolmate Jan Friedrich Krüger.
Janosch caught the attention of every single person in the lecture hall with his breathtaking photographs, videos and close-up story telling. During their once in a lifetime adventure, they encountered dozens of black bears and caribous, a lot of moose, even grizzly bears and the occasional canada lynx and timber wolfs. His presentation was not only entertaining, but taught values about nature and wildlife. Find out more about Janosch and his show on his homepage à https://janosch-hagen.de .

On the 25th of November we were lucky again to have veterinary pathologist and BirdLifeAustria’s honour president Prof. Loupal guiding this year’s third ornithology fieldtrip with 15 people through the Nationalpark „Donauauen“.

We were spotting birds not only by binocular but by their different calls and relating distribution to season and environmental habitat. We ended our fieldtrip with lunch at a traditional austrian restaurant close by.

A big „Thank you!“ goes out to our lecturers and fieldguide.
Our next lecture event is scheduled for the 5th of April 2018.

All the best from Vienna,