EWDA lecture event in Austria, May 2017

On May 23rd 2017 a Wildlife Disease Lecture Event was organized in Vienna by:

  • Sinan Julian Keleş, EWDA Student Chapter Country Representative Austria
  • AVE, Akademikergruppe Veterinärmedizin


  • Leonida Fusani, Prof., PhD, MPhil, MSc Professor of Animal Physiology and Ornithology, University of Vienna Director, Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, Vetmeduni Vienna
  • Pia Cigler, Dr.vet.med. Small Animal Clinic, Service for birds and reptiles, Vetmeduni Vienna
  • Gerhard Loupal, Prof., Dr., Dipl.ECVP Institute of Pathology and Forensic Veterinary Medicine, Vetmeduni Vienna

Please find the report below:

“As a country representative I am interested in getting students interested and involved in our student chapters’ activities and spreading the word about the EWDA. Therefore we organized a lecture event and two field trips with a focus on ornithology, giving vet and wildlife ecology students as well as members of our faculty the opportunity to network interdisciplinary and get deeper insights into the world of wild birds, aspects of their physiology, diseases and pathology.

We started the event with a short presentation on the Wildlife Disease Association, EWDA and of course the student chapters.

Followed by Prof.Fusani’s „Food intake and energy stores regulate bird migration: An overview“ lecture. The presentation focused on physiological aspects of bird migration such as how condition (body mass, fat and body score) predicts Zugunruhe and how stopover rates depend on fat reserves.

Next lecturer was Pia Cigler, who works as a clinician mainly with birds and reptiles. She explained causes and treatment of different wild bird species that had been presented within the past two years. Her case presentations ranged from pigeons, barn owl and the common kestrel to the white tailed eagle and the bearded vulture. She also discussed common radiological techniques and bandaging methods with us.

Last but not least Gerhard Loupal, veterinary pathologist and BirdLifeAustria’s honour president, introduced us into selected diseases and pathology of wild birds. Salmonellosis, Usutu-Virus-Infection, Avian Influenza and others were part of his lecture.
lob4From left to right: Julian Keles, Pia Cigler, Leonida Fusani, Gerhard Loupal and Caro Pannrucker (AVE)

Prof. Loupal is also our ornithology field trip guide. He was so kind to lead our group of 15 people into the national park „Donauauen“, Lobau area, close to Vienna on a half day tour.


We were spotting birds not only by binocular but by their different calls and relating distribution to season and environmental habitat.


As we had so many applicants, Prof. Loupal confirmed a second fieldtrip which is already booked out and will take place on the early morning of the 11th of June.


We ended the fieldtrip with lunch at a traditional Austrian restaurant close by.

This ornithology lecture event was very successful. We had about 30 visitors and enjoyed drinks and snacks sponsored by AVE. Thanks to our wonderful lecturers!

Picture Credits go to Sarah Hochgeschurz and Corina Sonnberger.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next Wildlife Disease Lecture Event „Veterinary Roles and Research in Conservation and Wildlife Medicine“ which will take place on the 8th of June, 4-6pm, Hörsaal C, at the Vetmed Campus in Vienna.”

Julian Keleş