EWDA lecture event in Sweden, May 2014

In May 2014 Sweden’s country rep, Cecilia Tegner, organized an afternoon lecture event at her vet school in Uppsala.

Dr Vijita Perera

This is Cecilia’s report:

Wildlife Medicine Seminar in Sweden 2014-05-08

As a country representative, one mission is to get other students as excited as you are about wildlife medicine. The Senior Lecturer in wildlife medicine at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Åsa Fahlman together with Prof. N. P. Sunil-Chandra from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, are currently starting up an international collaboration concerning “Wildlife immobilization and surveillance of emerging zoonotic diseases for sustainable management and conservation of wildlife resources in Sri Lanka”.

During two weeks in May, Prof. N. P. Sunil-Chandra and Dr. Vijitha Perera visited Assoc. Prof. Fahlman and our Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science in Uppsala, Sweden. Into their crammed itinerary, they were also kind enough to squeeze in an evening seminar about wildlife medicine. Students, faculty members and researchers from SLU as well as the National Veterinary Institute attended the seminar, held at the student union house. The seminar was arranged in collaboration with Veterinarians Without Borders – Sweden, and a representative from the organization also participated with a short introduction to the organization’s important work out in the world.

Followed by an introduction of the field of conservation medicine that I held, Prof. Sunil-Chandra and Dr. Vijitha Perera, talked about zoonosis surveillance and wildlife work in Sri Lanka. Of course I also snuck in a bit of info about EWDA Student Chapter, for interested students. The evening was an absolute success, and was very appreciated by both speakers and audience.

Cecilia Tegner
Country Rep Sweden



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