Pre-Conference Student Event 2018

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The 13th European Wildlife Disease Association Conference will take place from August 27-31, 2018 at the faculty of Medicine of the University of Thessaly in Larissa, Greece. The EWDA Wildlife Health Surveillance Network meeting (August 26, 2018) and the annual meeting of ECZM (August 26-27, 2018) will take place in parallel.

Therefore, the EWDA student chapter is organising a Pre-Conference Student Event on August 26th, 2018 at the faculty of Biochemistry, the Biotechnology Building, Classroom 1. This will provide students with the opportunity to not only get to know peers, but connect with leading scientists before the conference starts. We aim to assist the students in shaping their career paths and update their knowledge in the field of wildlife diseases.

The goal is to promote the scientific education of students interested on wildlife diseases and give them the opportunity to meet and share the experience of professionals and researchers involved in wildlife health. The student event and the conference share the same theme: “Wildlife health and conservation: expectations in a challenging era”.

The event is open to BSc- and Msc-students, PhD-students, residents, interns and everyone else interested in wildlife diseases and related disciplines. Veterinarian, medical, biological, ecological, epidemiological and other backgrounds are all welcome. The event is open to applicants from Europe and beyond.

Registration fee

  • Early bird registration – until June 5th:
    • Free for WDA members
    • 5 euro for non members
  • Registration – after June 5th:
    • 5 euro for WDA members
    • 10 euro for non members

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Speakers include:

Dr. Anastasia Komnenou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Dr. Charalambos Billinis (University of Thessaly, Greece), Lineke Begeman Dipl. ECVP (Erasmus MC, The Netherlands), Dr. Marie-Pierre Ryser-Degiorgis Dipl. ECZM (WPH), Dr. Katharina Seilern-Moy (Zoological Society of London), and Dr. Jorge Ramon Lopez-Olvera (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain).

They will provide the participants with an overview of the most recent scientific insights in their fields in the form of lectures and interactive sessions. A practical workshop will follow on GIS and its role on wildlife diseases and ecology. It will be organised by doctors Alexios Giannakopoulos, George Valianos and Konstantinos Papaspyropoulos from the University of Thessaly, Greece.

We will wrap up with a brainstorming session where student participants will be asked to provide input about what they wish to get out of EWDA Student membership and how these needs can be met better. The day’s content can be further discussed during the cultural evening, whilst enjoying delicious food from all over Europe.

  • For this cultural evening we kindly ask participants to bring some local food and/or drink from their countries. We plan on giving students from each country a table which they can use to present their traditional delicacies as well as their faculties and any wildlife groups of their faculties. We aim at creating an intimate setting for giving students the opportunity of learning about wildlife medicine and education in different countries while experiencing different cultures.

There is a discount student fee to participate the conference. To register to the conference follow the website conference website for more details and how to apply.

Looking forward to seeing you in Greece!Pre-Conference Student Event 2018