Dear members of the EWDA Student Chapter,

We are happy to announce the elections for the new EWDA Student Chapter Board!

The time has come to hand over our positions. We would like to thank all our Country Representatives, Student Chapter members and other enthusiastic & inspiring people we were lucky to have met during our time on the EWDA Student Board.


The EWDA Student Chapter Board seeks to promote shared knowledge between established researchers and wildlife disease students. One way of accomplishing this goal is by facilitating an international mentoring programme. The other main activity is the organisation of biennial Student Workshops to strengthen the scientific education of students working on diseases at the wildlife/domestic animal/human interface. Furthermore, the Board coordinates a broad network of country representatives in Europe who organise wildlife-related events on a regular basis. To promote the organisation of such events, country representatives of the EWDA Student Chapter can apply for a Small Grant.

Position descriptions


  • Student Representative on the EWDA Board;
  • Communication with advisor (Student Activities Coordinator of the EWDA Board);
  • Main responsibility for workshop programme: scheduling of presentations, creating proceedings;
  • 1/3 of fundraising for workshop;
  • 1/3 speaker invitations.

Workshop coordinator

  • Main responsibility for fundraising: coordination, bookkeeping, communication with EWDA treasurer etc.;
  • Communication with workshop location;
  • 1/3 of fundraising for workshop;
  • 1/3 speaker invitations.

Communication officer

  • Maintenance and update of website, Facebook page/group and Twitter account;
  • Coordination of country representative system and workshop awards;
  • Pre-workshop communication with students (e.g. opening of application round);
  • 1/3 of fundraising for workshop;
  • 1/3 speaker invitations.

The positions will be held for a period of two years (2017-2019). 

To apply:

  • Applicants must be paying members of the Wildlife Disease Association!
  • Send us a letter of motivation including the position you are applying for, your background in the field of wildlife diseases and your ideas, what you would like to do as a new member of the EWDA Student Board.
  • Application deadline is Thursday June 1st, 2017.

Don’t hesitate to send us any questions you may have to ewdastudent<at>!

The EWDA Student Board 2015-2017

It’s finally out!

The first application round of the AAZV/WDA mentoring program is now open. Are you interested in being a wildlife health mentor or a mentee? This is your chance! We are recruiting people to be mentors (this can also be residents and PhD candidates) as well as people who are interested in having mentors (undergrad/ postgraduate students, PhD candidates and interns/residents). You have to be a member of AAZV or WDA to be eligible as a Mentee. Click here for application details and guidelines .


ornitology workhop austria

Check out the upcoming Ornithology field trip, organised by our Austrian Country Rep Julian Keleş in collaboration with the Akademikergruppe Veterinärmedizin:

Who: Prof. Dr. Loupal, former Chair and honorary member of “BirdLife Austria” who has a special interest in ornithology and veterinary pathology.

Where: The Lobau (“Vienna’s Jungle”), Vienna

When: Saturday April 22, 2017. Meet at 9.00 AM to leave from Endstation, with Bus 26A (Kagran to Groß-Enzersdorf in 28 min). From there, it’s only a short drive. After an approximately 4 hour tour we will return to a restaurant in Mühlleiten and end the trip with some food and drinks.

Participants are asked to bring:
– weatherproof clothing
– binoculars
– something to drink
– money for food and drinks

We are looking for max. 15 enthusiastic participants and one to three vehicles. Details regarding the common outward/return journey will be announced after registration.

Registration deadline is Monday April 17, 2017.

To register please send and email to keles.julian<@> with:

Subject: “EWDA_LASTNAME_ExkursionSS2017”
First given name:
Course of studies:
Car available (Yes / No):
Would you like to go to the restaurant (Yes / No):
Phone number:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Johan Espunyes (1)


Hi everyone!

I am glad to introduce myself as the Spain and Andorra EWDA student representative!

My name is Johan Espunyes and I am currently pursuing a PhD in animal medicine and health at the Wildlife Health Service (SEFaS: Servei d’Ecopatologia de Fauna Salvatge) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

The aims of my PhD project are to analyze the importance of environmental factors and coinfections on Pestivirus epidemiology in Pyrenean chamois and the possibility of using remote sensing to assess the impact of this disease. This study is the result of an agreement between the SEFaS and the French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency (ONCFS) in order to improve international collaboration around issues in the Pyrenees.

I was born in 1989 in Andorra where I developed my affinity and interest for mountains, nature and their conservation. In 2012, with an exclusive interest in wildlife, I graduated with a degree in veterinary medicine at the UAB. Soon after, I decided to conduct some externships at the Institute of Research in Game Resources (IREC) in Ciudad Real and at the ONCFS in the French Alps where I discovered and get started in the world of research and wildlife management. I also took a course in Wildlife Epidemiology and Disease Control at the IREC. Following these stays I decided to pursue a Master degree in wildlife management and health at the University of Murcia. My Master thesis research focused on the Epidemiology of Pestivirus in wild ungulates and their relationship with livestock in Andalusia. I also worked three summers as a temporary technician in the Wildlife Department of the Andorran Government dealing with wildlife management, conservation and recovery. At the end of my Master degree I decided to return to the UAB and prepare a PhD thesis with the SEFaS.

I am really looking forward to spread the word of the EWDA, introducing vet students to wildlife research, improving networking between students and creating a bridge between them and the professionals in order to advise them about their options regarding future work with wildlife, externships, PhD, etc.

I am also really interested in strengthen the links between wildlife students (Degree, MSc, PhD) in Spain and Andorra in order to create a collaboration network and motivate the spread of information.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me: johan.espunyes<at>

We are very happy to welcome our new Country Representative for Hungary: Katalin Horvath! Katalin attended the EWDA Conference last year in Berlin and was inspired to apply for the Country Representative position.  It is great to see interest for the EWDA Student Chapter from the East of Europe, as we aim to involve these countries more in our network. We look forward to helping Katalin set up activities in Hungary.

Please find Kata’s introduction below:


“Hi everyone,

My name is Kata Horvath. I have always aspired to be a veterinarian, however after high school I decided to deviate a little from the plan and I ended up studying in the United States for the next couple of years. In 2013, I graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and Biology. As I still wanted to become a veterinarian I enrolled in the veterinary program in Budapest, Hungary, where I’m now a fourth year student. I have always been enchanted by the zoological and wildlife aspect of veterinary medicine. This determination was just further strengthened by gaining insight into population dynamics, and how ecosystems work, and what an important role they have in the epidemiological aspects of diseases. Entering vet school I was unsure on how can I incorporate wildlife and zoological work into my studies. In search of answers I kept travelling to conferences and symposiums and tried to figure out what fellow students do to achieve these goals.

I did externships with ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, where I could gain insight into the everyday work of zoo veterinarians, learn about techniques and procedures when handling wild animals, and see their involvement in conservation medicine. I was part of the pre-release health screening of Partula snails, that were bred at several zoos worldwide and screened at ARTIS Zoo before being shipped to Tahiti as part of a repopulation effort. We also did research on examining metabolic bone disease in a species of toad endangered in the Netherlands, to optimize their breeding and rearing circumstances and to ensure the release of healthy individuals when establishing natural populations.

I first heard about the EWDA at a student symposium organized by Glasgow University

Veterinary Zoological Society in early 2016 and I immediately got interested in joining. The symposium was in itself a great example showing me how universities can have student groups centered around the same interests, and achieve something great together. I became a member of EWDA and was fortunate to attend 12th EWDA Conference in Berlin last summer. The conference opened up my eyes to the many areas of wildlife work I didn’t know I could be involved in and it was very motivating to be able talk to many great professionals in the field, learn about their own very different paths through the journey of wildlife medicine and be inspired by the endless opportunities out there.

As a country representative, first I would like to spread the word about the EWDA and wildlife opportunities to students at my university. I would like to gather a group of vet students interested in wildlife work and enable them to connect with students in other fields, as well as teachers and scientist and thus learn about researches, externship and internship opportunities, and find their path to wildlife and conservation medicine.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure and hope to be able to work with you all in the future!”

We are delighted to introduce our new Country Representative from France: Manon Moullec! We met Manon in Berlin, during the 2016 EWDA Conference, where she expressed her keen interest to become involved in the EWDA Student Chapter.

Take a look at Manon’s brief presentation to get to know a bit more about her:


“Hello everybody!

My name is Manon and I am a second-year veterinary student in Vetagro Sup Lyon, one of the four French National Veterinary Schools.

Since I was able to talk, I have always wanted to be a veterinarian and especially a wildlife vet. Whether it is wildlife research, medicine, conservation or management, I am really concerned about this field.

Without any clinical experience yet, apart from a few internships, I have started to get involved in wildlife throughout conferences and international meetings where I met many interesting and passionate people. From a small scale congress, last spring, in the National Veterinary School of Nantes (France) to the 12th EWDA congress last summer in Berlin, I’ve discovered a world full of great clinicians and researchers. More recently, in September 2016, I went to the GEEFSM congress in the Pyrenees (France) dealing with mountain wildlife. Again, it was full of new encounters and updates about wildlife.

Recently, I went a few days in the Aoste Valley, in Italy, to work on the wildlife health management of local cervid populations. With veterinary researchers working in collaboration with hunters and rangers, we got and analysed some samples in order to detect Brucellosis, Tuberculosis and other important diseases in those populations. This research work realized every year during the hunting season reveals the region’s wildlife health status.

Also, in Vetagro Sup, I am the communication officer of an optional course entitled “Biology of wildlife population”. Managed by a French wildlife researcher and epidemiologist teacher of our school, it allows us to get many conferences about the topic. In this position, I can and I am willing to promote and broaden the EWDA Student Chapter network in my school towards a target public made of interested and motivated students. I would also like to collaborate with other wildlife groups in the different French veterinarian universities and perhaps try to organise wildlife meetings at a national scale.

Best wishes to all the wildlife fans,

Manon Moullec”

The 66th WDA Annual International Conference will take place in Chiapas, Mexico from July 23 – 28. Click here for more information and registration. Looking forward to seeing you there!wda-logo-04.png